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A new addition to our little village! Teepee sleeps up to 4. We have air mattresses if you request them, hammock, & a grill! Bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, or rent them from us! Access to the fire pit, camp shower, & toilet!

Campfires are allowed at this listing. (Firewood provided, Firepit, Communal, Private) Firepit and BBQ grills available. Any fallen branches in the area you find can be used. Bring your own charcoal or it can be requested for $10 a bag and bundles of precut fire wood for $15 each to be delivered.

Be fire safe. Always check state and local fire regulations before having a campfire and know how to properly extinguish your fire. A toilet is available at this listing. (Composting toilet) We have a toilet you can use just about anywhere with wipes!

Pets are allowed at this listing. (Off leash)
There are wild animals out here so bring at your own risk. We love pets! We don’t want to discourage you bringing them but there are wild hogs in the area. They are elusive and probably will run off if they see you but they are wild boars 🐗.

A shower is available at this listing. We have a camp shower with soap and towels.

Waste disposal is available at this listing. (Compost bin, Recycling bin, Trash bin) Kitchen or cooking equipment are available (Grill over firepit, BBQ)



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1 review for Camp Teepee

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