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Wild citrus, beautiful pines and palms, all kinds of wildlife, hiking, dirtbiking, hunting, target practice, fire pit, and a place to pitch a tent near our tree house! 2 minutes off 95 exit 208 (Port St. John), between SR50 and 520. 5 minute drive to the intercoastal waterway across from Cape Canaveral (you can feel the earth shake and hear the rockets take off!), where you can drop a boat in several places (we have a kayak for rent!), and 15 minutes from Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon surf shop, Kennedy Space Center, and much more! Plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

Campfires are allowed at this listing. (Firewood provided, Firepit, Communal, Private) Firepit and BBQ grills available. Any fallen branches in the area you find can be used, bring tour own firewood or purchase a bundle for $15. Bring your own charcoal or it can be requested for $10 a bag to be delivered.

Be fire safe. Always check state and local fire regulations before having a campfire and know how to properly extinguish your fire.

A toilet is available at this listing. It is just that, a camp toilet you can place where you like and go, please cover solid waste with pine needles. Fun fact: our BEAUTIFUL multi colored / metallic shimmering dung beetles can disappear solid waste is 1-2 days on average! Can’t get any greener than that! There is a bucket inside the toilet with wipes and hand sanitizer, DO NOT GO IN THE BUCKET! This will get you banned for life. Gross.

Pets are allowed at this listing. (Off leash)
There are wild animals out here so bring at your own risk. We love pets! We don’t want to discourage you bringing them but there are wild hogs in the area. They are elusive and probably will run off if they see you but they are wild boars 🐗.

Waste disposal is available at this listing. (Compost bin, Recycling bin, Trash bin)

This is a wild forest. Use caution and be aware of your surroundings.

If bugs love to bug you, we suggest wearing loose fitting, light weight long sleeve shirts, loose fitting jeans, socks, and boots for being outside and/or buy a Thermacell Radius Mosquito Barrier from us, Walmart, Amazon, or anywhere else that carries it. It is the ONLY thing that works on them out here. Trust us, we have tried it all. We do treat sitting water with Summit Mosquito bits which helps lover the population numbers but we are near a swamp so… yea.

If you are in the habit of moving things around, that is fine as long as you leave things how you found it! We do not enjoy constantly putting things back where they belong.

There is a 10×10 cabana on a platform with mosquito netting, couches, recliners, a bar, solar lights, and USB powered ceiling fan (you provide battery or buy one from us) which is communal for anyone out here.

The tree house and teepee are all on the same 1.75 acre plot of land and share the fire pit so if you rent both if you want to guarantee you will be alone out there, otherwise you may make a few cool friends! Be respectful of each others privacy and comfort!

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