Thermacell Mosquito Barrier

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Thermacell mosquito barrier provides a 14 hour bug forcefield with a diameter of 15 feet that is the only product we have tested on the market out of DOZENS that are reasonably effective after 15 minutes use! $50 gets you the new product still in the box waiting for you out at your rental! This product is yours to keep. Comes with micro USB to USB cable to recharge the device. You can purchase replacement oil diffusers from Walmart for cheapest or online. We highly recommend purchasing this from us or getting it yourself during the Spring/Summer. We do have Summit mosquito bits treatment around the property that curbs the mosquito population but the fact of the matter is that this is a pretty untouched wild subtropical / temperate forest in Central Florida, near the coast, at low elevation, with swamps nearby as well as lakes and canals with regular rainfall… there will be some mosquitos when it is warm and humid. During the fall, winter, when it is cool, they die off and it is FANTASTIC! Still, if it gets a little warm and rainy, during Florida’s very dubious cooler seasons, it is still nice to have this device handy in case there are a few pests around.

1 review for Thermacell Mosquito Barrier

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    This thing is a must have!

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